A SmartHome system can manage and control all your heating and appliances.

  • SmartHome's intelligent, networked devices and modular structure makes it completely flexible and enables it to be retro-fitted to any home.
  • High-performance infrastructure for additional services - SmartHome offers additional services and software updates via the Internet, to ensure that users are kept up to date with any new technology.
  • Very easy to install and extend - A SmartHome system can be easily installed or extended by users and does not require a specialist skills or extensive wiring.
  • Its 'plug & play' design means the system is ready to use immediately upon installation.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, at home or away - SmartHome technology is easy to operate from a computer or smartphone either on the premises or remotely, thanks to its easy-to-follow user interface.
  • Secure, reliable and always up to date - SmartHome uses the highest encryption standards for security and data protection, with regular updates. It can be used without a power supply contract, irrespective of the user's power supply company.



SmartHome Automation

SmartHome is a system of intelligent devices that can be speedily installed in any home without any previous technical knowledge. A wireless network within the house connects any household appliances of choice with a central controller – the SmartHome central control unit – that can also provide intelligent management and control of the heating.

The SmartHome system runs smoothly whether operated from home or remotely via the Internet or smartphone or away – controlling lighting and heating for added security and energy saving.

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