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Ceremonially signed scholarship contracts

November 1, 2013

On Friday 1st November 2013, in Ugljevik, the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska officially signed scholarship contracts with the best ranked candidates in the Competition for scholarships for the academic year 2013/2014 which was open from 11th to 21st October 2013.   

The scholarships fund for undergraduate students was primarily formed as the basis for the formation of a pool of specialist staff from the municipalities Ugljevik, Bijeljina and Lopare who will get jobs in the company Comsar Energy, the investor for the construction of TPP Ugljevik 3 in Ugljevik.  
In this way, the company Comsar Energy contributes to the creation of better conditions in order to keep young and highly educated people in the Republic of Srpska. Through their work, they will contribute to the improvement of living standards in the local communities they come from, since upon graduation, scholarship recipients are required to work at Comsar Energy Republika Srpska for as long as was the duration of the scholarship.    

Scholarships were awarded primarily to students of mechanical engineering, mining and electrical engineering where priority was given to children of fallen soldiers, candidates without one or both parents and candidates who come from the municipalities of Ugljevik, Bijeljina or Lopare.   

Scholarship winners in the competition for scholarships for the academic year 2013/2014 are:    

1. Vladan Lazarevic, a third year student of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade   
2. Milan Kostic, a second year student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad   
3. Ljubana Kandic, a fourth year student at the Law Faculty of the University of Eastern Sarajevo   

"Right now I have a 9.85 GPA and I hope that based on the knowledge acquired at university, and my personal qualities, I can expect a job at this company.  I am very pleased that there is such a company in the Republic of Srpska that values young and educated professionals," said Vladan Lazarevic, a third year student of Electrical Engineering.  

"This will be an ideal opportunity, upon graduation, to gain experience for future work. This scholarship motivates me to do better and grow," said Milan Kostic, a second year student of the Faculty of Technical Sciences with a 9.62 grade point average.  

A forth year student of Law Faculty, Ljubana Kandic, with a grade point average of 9.96, does not hide her pleasure at being given an opportunity to, immediately after the graduation from faculty, get a job in a large company. "Since I am a lawyer, this is one way for me to prove that a job can be found and I will try to apply all the theoretical knowledge that I have acquired, and I will do my best."  

"Our plan is to involve young people to the fullest in all stages of the investment project which is now underway and, with the help of a number of experts who already have extensive experience and are working in our company, to enable them to be independent and become relevant parts of our team. We recognise that the success of our company depends on the ability of our experts, because we want to hire professional and highly moral young people who will, in the future, be able to lead this company successfully," said Lazar Stojanovic, the Director of the work unit Ugljevik. 

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