Construction permit issued for preliminary works on the construction of hydro power plant Mrsovo

June 20, 2014

Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska issued a Decision granting the construction permit for preliminary works on construction of Hydro Power Plant Mrsovo on the river Lim, the municipality of Rudo, with the installed capacity of 36,8 MW.

Preliminary works include construction of protective fence for the site, placement of temporary facilities for the site (office premises, facilities for material and equipment storage, sanitary facilities) and preparation of internal traffic communication. Access to the mechanical unit building of the future hydro power plant Mrsovo will be enabled by the construction of the road connecting access plateau with the regional road Međeđa-Rudo. The newly constructed road forks into two directions: one is routed to the mechanical unit building and control building, while other road goes over the bridge on the river Lim to the left bank providing the access to the dam crest. The bridge remains in permanent use upon completion of the facility.

In addition to preliminary works, during the construction of internal traffic network, the reparation of the area, located in the vicinity of the partition spot of the future hydro power plant which served for a disposal of waste material for years, has been planned.

The implementation of the project of constructing Hydro Power Plant Mrsovo will contribute to quality, development and prosperity in all fields of life, both in the local community and the entire Republic of Srpska.

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