Decision on determining public interest for construction of Hydro Power Plant Mrsovo was made

September 10, 2014

At its 77th session, held on 10th September 2014, the Government of the Republic of Srpska issued the Decision on determining public interest for the construction and operation of hydro power plant Mrsovo, in the Rudo municipality, which marks the fulfillment of all conditions for the beginning of expropriation of the real estate in question. 

Expropriation will cover about 140 hectares of agricultural, forest and building land. The specified area includes about 650 parcels, on which seven buildings and two cemeteries are located. 

Hydro Power Plant Mrsovo is designed as a reservoir dam power plant with the installed capacity of 36,8 MW and is intended to provide this region with clean and renewable energy. The planned annual production amounts to 140,6 GWh. The hydro power plant will be connected to the EES of the Republic of Srpska with the voltage level of 110kV, which is caused by the HPP capacity and vicinity of suitable hubs with the voltage of 110kV.

The partition profile of the Mrsovo dam is located on the river Lim at about 9 km downstream from the town of Rudo. 

The top water level of accumulation at Mrsovo is 355 meters above sea level and is determined by the elevation of the town of Rudo and by the requirement not to disturb the natural flow regime of the river Lim on the border between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This top water level forms total volume of 9,04 х 106 m3. 

Comsar Energy Hidro will use its own funds to finance resolving property-legal issues on the location of the future hydro power plant, a right of passage over access roads to the main facility of the future power plant, as well as to facilities for transmission of electricity from the main facility to the connection to electric energy network.

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