Environmental permit issued for Comsar Energy Ugljevik 3 Thermal Power Plant

November 14, 2013

The Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska passed a Decision on issuing an Environmental permit to the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska Ltd, Banja Luka, for the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 in the municipality of Ugljevik, with installed power of 2 X 300 MW, for a period of five years. 

This Environmental Permit is issued for the following plants and facilities:

  • Boiler-turbine-generator facility, with two units of 300 MW (600 MW in total) 
  • Flue gas desulphurisation system  
  • Related equipment and devices for common needs of both units
  • Auxiliary systems required for the operation of the thermal power plant   

Comsar Energy Republika Srpska  shall fulfil the main responsibilities of environmental protection, in accordance with Article 83 of the  Law on Environmental protection during operation and decommissioning of the plant. 

What shall be implemented are the measures to mitigate the negative environmental impact and monitoring of emissions during operation and decommissioning of the plant, in accordance with the submitted documentation for issuing an environmental permit, in particular measures for protection from noise and vibrations, air protection measures, water protection, soil protection, waste management, protection of flora, fauna and the ecosystem, protection of the landscape, protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage, the protection of human health, as well as measures in case of emergencies. 

In accordance with the IPCC Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions, air emissions from the stack of the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 shall not exceed: 

  • 200 mg/m3 for SO2
  • 150mg/m3 for NOX and  
  • 10 mg/m3 for solid particles. 
  • The minimal level of desulphurisation is 97%.

Construction of the Ugljevik 3  thermal power plant will include the construction of two units with installed capacity of 300 MW with an expected annual output of about 4300 GWh. Each unit will consist of the boiler, turbine and generator with accompanying armature, also control, safety and auxiliary equipment and devices, fresh air fans, purifiers, flue gas fans, with a common stack for both units with a height of 210 meters above ground level. The energy source will be the brown coal from coal deposits of Ugljevik mining basin. The planned technology of power generation in units of the Ugljevik 3 thermal power plant is circulating fluidised bed combustion with a desulphurisation system where limestone is used as the inert mass.  The transport system for transporting coal from the mine to the landfill within the plant is designed as a closed pipe conveyor belt in order to protect the belt mounts and the belt from atmospheric precipitation, but also to prevent dispersion of dust into its surroundings. The connection of the power plant to the power system will be done through a connection to the 400 kV transmission network at the 400/110 kV substation "Ugljevik".

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