Environmental permit issued for hydro power plant Mrsovo

June 6, 2014

The Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska has issued the Decision on issuing an Environmental permit to the company Comsar Energy Hidro Ltd. Banja Luka for the hydro power plant Mrsovo on the river Lim, in the municipality Rudo, with an installed capacity of 36.8 MW, for the period of five years.
The Environmental permit is issued for the following facilities and plants of the hydro power plant Mrsovo:

  • Reservoir dam facility consisting of the Reservoir with a total accumulation space of 9.04 x 106m3 and a concrete gravity dam with a dam mechanical unit building of the plant
  • Auxiliary buildings.

Comsar Energy Hydro will meet the basic environmental obligations, in accordance with Article 83 of the Law on the Environment during operation and after decommissioning of the facility.

Measures will be implemented to mitigate the negative environmental impact and to monitor emissions during operation and after decommissioning of the plant, in accordance with the submitted documents for issuing the environmental permit, in particular measures for the prevention of emissions into the air, for the protection against noise and vibration, for the prevention of emissions into surface and groundwater, for soil protection, waste management, protection of ichthyofauna, protection of flora, fauna and ecosystems, the protection of the landscape, for the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage, for the protection of municipal infrastructure, the protection of public health, organisational measures of protection, as well as measures to be taken in case of emergency situations and measures after the closing of the complex.

The hydro power plant Mrsovo is designed as an reservoir dam facility, and it will be built on the river Lim with the dam at chainage 18 +750 km upstream from the mouth of the river Lim into the river Drina. The distance of the dam from the urban part of the municipality Rudo is about 9 km downstream and the distance from the place Mrsovo is about 3 km downstream. HPP Mrsovo is a facility with the possibility of daily regulation, which gives it a certain flexibility and increases the quality of produced energy. Upstream seasonal accumulation contributes to a better distribution of water throughout the year and allows engagement of the power plant at critical periods of system operation. As the water accumulation of HPP Višegrad reaches HPP Mrsovo, this hydro power plant is practically situated between two reservoirs and there is no need to release the biological minimum in cases where the level of the Višegrad reservoir is so high that the water accumulation reaches HPP Mrsovo. In the case of a significant drop in the level of water accumulation of HPP Višegrad, HPP Mrsovo will release the biological minimum.

According to the preliminary design from the aspect of electrical equipment, a design with three three-phase synchronous generators and three step-up transformer was accepted. The generators will be propelled by three vertical Kaplan turbines.

HPP Mrsovo will provide this area with clean and renewable electricity, it will have an installed capacity of 36.8 MW and it will be connected to the electric power system of the Republic of Srpska on the 110kV voltage level, which is determined by the power of the HPP and the proximity of suitable connecting hubs at the 110 kV voltage level. 

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