Social Responsibility

One of the key responsibilities is to build close and friendly relationships with local communities, suppliers, contractors, culture and sport organizations, clubs and exceptional individuals that contribute to local development.

Environmental and social responsibility, along with the special empathy for the local community, is one of the fundamental values underlying the principles and objectives of the Comsar Energy established in the Republic of Srpska.

Business policy of our company is oriented towards providing help and support to the local community and beyond. Through various forms of sponsorships and donations, Comsar Energy supports various projects from the fields of science, culture, education, health, as well as domestic religious institutions, humanitarian activities, and the development of sports by supporting sporting clubs and organisations of sporting events and competitions.

Social Responsibility


Under the slogan "Day of top karate in Bijeljina", for the seventh time in a row, the traditional international karate tournament called "Bijeljina Open & Night of Champions 2013" was held in the grammar school's gymnasium on 13th October 2013. 
The tournament was organised by the Karate Club "Sampioni" in cooperation with the Karate Association of Republic of Srpska (KARS) and the Karate Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (KFBIH). "Bijeljina Open & Night of Champions" is an international karate tournament, which annually brings together more than 60 clubs with about 600 competitors from a dozen neighbouring countries.
"In previous years, the tournament has hosted over 250 clubs and also a number of national teams from neighbouring countries. As such, "Bijeljina Open & Night of Champions" has become a traditional, high quality and distinct tournament in this part of Europe and it is not by accident that this tournament is chosen to be the test for the national teams before their appearance at the World Championship in Spain", said Goran Ivkovic, the President of the Organising Committee.
This year, the tournament hosted more than 60 clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and Italy, with around 600 competitors, of all age categories.

Social Responsibility


The Sixth International Judo tournament was held in Ugljevik on 26th October 2013 as part of the ceremony of the Ugljevik's patron saint day celebration of – Saint Parascheva. The tournament organiser was the Judo club Rudar Ugljevik, and clubs from the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia took part in the tournament. 283 contestants participated in the tournament, divided into three categories: debutantes, pioneers and cadets.
The president and coach of the judo club Rudar, Zoran Sarcevic noted that the tournament brings together an increasing number of participants every year. He stressed that since 2011 the tournament became an international one. "In today's international tournament 18 teams are participating. They come from Becej, Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Sad, Trebinje, Pale, Zvornik, Milici, Vlasenica, Bijeljina, Prnjavor, Doboj, Banja Luka and Prijedor and it is a special honor for us to be their hosts sixth time in a row. We owe special gratitude to the municipality of Ugljevik and the company Comsar Energy that helps us every year in organising the tournament."
Comsar Energy Republika Srpska took great pleasure in participating in the organisation of this tournament as one of the major sponsors.

Social Responsibility


The fifth sports event of health care workers of the Republic of Srpska was held in the sports and recreation centre "Banja Vrucica" Teslic and it was organised by the University Clinical Centre Banja Luka. 23 health care facilities with more than 600 participants took part in this sports event. The Health Centre of Ugljevik participated in this year's Workers' sports games of health workers and it has achieved excellent results in competition by winning 2nd place in women's bowling.  The general sponsor of the team was the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska, showing in this way, once again, that it supports sporting activities and events as well as the local community in Ugljevik. 
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska whose  sponsorship enabled us to participate in the Workers' sports games of health workers, which were held in the "Banja Vrucica” in Teslic", said Milena Arsenovic the President of the Sports Association of the Health Centre in Ugljevik.
Ruzica Vicic, a nurse at the Health Centre Ugljevik, emphasised the excellent cooperation with the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska. "We won second place, that is, silver in women's bowling and next month we will take part in a competition as representatives of the Republic of Srpska against the representatives of Serbia.  We are pleased by the cooperation with the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska and we hope that this cooperation will not remain at this level and that we will further expand it."


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