Meet Comsar’s key figures

Mr Rashid S. Sardarov
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Comsar Energy Group

Mr Sardarov is the visionary Chairman and President of Comsar Energy Group. For the last 20 years, he has also been Chairman of South Ural Industrial Company (SUIC). Under his leadership SUIC has blazed a distinctive trail, delivering annual growth of between 15% and 20%, which is an astounding achievement. It is now one of the largest and most profitable companies in Russia with 1,600 employees and revenues over US$2.2bn. SUIC is one of the largest producers of gas condensate, LPG and natural gas in Russia. Mr Sardarov’s vision for Comsar is also very ambitious – to expand the power-generating facilities and electrical grids in the Balkans region and South Eastern Europe, and to grow their capacity so that the company can provide energy across Europe. The legacy of his massive 20-year plan will be safe, sustainable and reliable electricity and a cleaner environment for these regions.


Comsar is led by a specialised team of energy experts who will take the company forward through the current rapid growth phase, and of course some new and innovative projects on the horizon. Our senior management team is dedicated to the company's plans to fulfil on its current responsibilities as an energy provider and investor, and dedicated to a proactive approach to building the business on new technologies such as renewables and smart grid.

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