Smart Power for Life

Comsar Energy Group is investing €2 billion in a number of major energy schemes – production, renewables, infrastructure, trading and network projects – across South Eastern Europe, including the construction of a new state-of-the-art TPP Ugljevik 3 and run-on-river HPP Mrsovo, both coming online in 2019.

Ugljevik 3 will have installed capacity of 2 x 300MW and will generate about 4,2TWh of electricity per year, while HPP Mrsovo will have installed capacity of 36,8MW and will generate about 140,6GWh of power per year.

To us, however, just as important as the business case for investing in expanding energy production, is the negation of environmental impact. That is why Ugljevik 3 uses advanced technology which enables the plant to exceed all existing and foreseeable EU environmental directives.


Comsar seeks to innovate across all areas of the energy business to achieve our vision and fulfill our challenging economic and environmental aims. Whether it is current fuel extraction for electricity generation or developing the future of energy efficiency – Comsar will always be at the forefront.

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