The world is looking for a new energy model. A model which will generate electricity free of greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time support stable growth.

Comsar’s renewable energy policy underlines our commitment to protecting the environment while delivering sustainable economic benefits Europe-wide. That is why we are supporting extensive R&D projects and funding programs directed towards expanding our renewable-generation capacities in the total energy provision mix.


The Renewable Energy Directive commits EU member states to generating 20% of their energy from renewable resources by 2020.

In line with this push towards reducing fossil fuel usage, Comsar is increasing its participation in renewables projects across the range of technologies including wind power, solar power and biomass projects across South Eastern Europe.

In addition to the environmental benefits, such investments make sound economic sense, particularly in the long term. 

Despite requiring higher initial capital costs, renewables can reduce electricity costs on the open market. Renewable generation plants also provide stable, predicable costs which enable accurate future planning, without factoring in unpredictable fluctuations in fossil fuel prices or import costs. Renewables can also be viewed as a catalyst for economic growth and job creation.

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