Comsar Energy is firmly committed to consistent application of European directives and regulations relating to the safety and health of employees, protection of the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. To this end, we plan to apply the latest technologies and systems of managing all the processes of coal exploitation. Protecting the environment is precisely the reason for using technologies such as pipe conveyors because they are completely safe in terms of dust and noise. 

The Ugljevik 3 thermal power plant is part of future energy plans for the Republic of Srpska, and will come online in 2019. Up to and beyond this time, the project will be monitored for its compliance at every step to ensure that it meets the highest ecological standards and will employ modern technologies to eliminate any risk of environmental pollution. Ensuring the environment is protected is a task just as important for us as the production of power. This is why the project works in harmony with the National Action Plan for the Protection of the Environment, and current legislation in force in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In relation to the impact of the facility on its surrounding area, it is designed to be completely safe. This will be achieved by virtue of the proper disposition of pollutants, the strategic arrangement of green areas, the construction of barriers to protect the quality of life and natural habitats.

In addition, the project will support the development of the accompanying industries that can also benefit from the combustion byproducts.

Applied regulations and standards


  • Regulations on permissible sound intensity and buzzing limits (Official Newsletter of the SRB&H No 46/89) - Environmental Protection Act (Official Newsletter of the RS No 71/12), - JUS U.J6.090 standard, noise measurement in the community environment


  • Environmental Protection Act (Official Newsletter of the RS No 71/12), - Air Protection Act (Official Newsletter of the RS No 124/11), - Ordinance on air quality limit values (Official Newsletter of the RS br. 39/05).

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