Biomass Energy

Some estimates predict that by 2050 biomass could provide 50% of the world's primary energy needs. While it is estimated that European 2020 renewables targets cannot be met without the inclusion of some biomass operation, as only biomass (along with wind energy) can deliver large tranches of renewable energy at an acceptable cost.

For this to happen, the coming years will need to see the development of efficient systems to convert biomass into electricity which itself could spur the development of a fast-growth, new global bio-power industry.

Comsar is already researching the potential of the role of biomass as a competitive renewable resource in long-term European power production through scaling-up of biomass volumes, reducing costs and managing sustainability issues. 

In addition, we are undertaking preliminary studies in to the long-term viability of converting coal-fired power stations to biomass or co-burn operation.

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