Transmission & Distribution Scope

While one global strategy to help ensure long-term energy supplies is for people to change accepted behaviours and to decrease energy consumption, we know that in the short term, the demand for energy will continue to rise in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Comsar Transmission & Distribution (T&D) has the most advanced power grid technology. The business scope of Comsar T&D includes:

  • Planning of power sources and power grids
  • Power Transmission and Distribution engineering consultation, evaluation, surveying, design, construction, supervision and EPC projects
  • Operation, management, investment and financing of the T&D projects
  • Comprehensive development and utilization of new technology, new energy and smart grid
  • Proprietary technology, product development and other business related to the grid



Comsar is committed to providing consumers with a reliable source of power, delivered efficiently, cleanly and cost-effectively. We will replace outdated power transmission infrastructure with advanced smart grid technology that can eliminate waste and integrate a mix of sources – increasingly from renewable sources while we will be building strong, reliable main power grids at the same time. It means Comsar energy consumers can rely on uninterrupted access to power, generated in the cleanest way, and we can provide them with the technology to individually monitor their consumption via advanced home systems.

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