Comsar Energetik Hotel

Since 2012, Comsar has owned Hotel Energetik in Ugljevik. The hotel has been fully renovated and now has four stars and about 40 employees. It houses 36 rooms (28 standard and 8 deluxe) and 9 apartments (4 studios, 3 junior and 2 executive).

It is equipped with modern furniture and a professional kitchen offering a full, high quality service for a large number of events, seminars and conferences held throughout the year.

The hotel has a conference room that can seat up to 150 people and it is equipped with the latest video and audio equipment. Within the hotel there is a City Café where, where live tambura music can often be heard.

The Ugljevik municipality is located in the north-east of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). About 20 000 inhabitants live in the area of the municipality of Ugljevik.  It is situated at an altitude of 176 meters on the eastern slopes of the mountain Majevica, where it begins to decline to the Semberija plain. Ugljevik owes its name to ore which is mined in this municipality, i.e. coal. 

Ugljevik is the youngest and most modern town in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The urban plan won an international award in the eighties.
Ugljevik has an exceptionally good spatial position in relation to the network of land and water traffic ways in the area.

The Ugljevik municipality borders with the municipalities of Bijeljina in the east and north, Lopare in the west and Zvornik in the south.

As a territory with many natural beauties and unspoiled land areas, ​​the Ugljevik municipality has excellent conditions for the development of rural tourism.

Agriculture with an emphasis on pomiculture is one of the strategic development directions of the Ugljevik municipality. Favorable geographic and climatic conditions contribute to the development of this agricultural area.

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