Construction permit issued for the Thermal Power Plant Ugljevik 3

October 10, 2014

Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska issued a partial Decision for the issuance of a construction permit for the construction of a new block in the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 in Ugljevik to the company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska. 

In the period of the last three years, Comsar Energy Republika Srpska completed many activities as preparation for the construction of the mines and thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, which, according to experience from the wider region, are the most demanding and most difficult phases of implementation. These activities included measurements and analysis, preparation of necessary studies, obtaining concessions and the necessary permits for construction and use, thorough which Comsar Energy Republika Srpska formally and legally fulfilled all the legal procedures to begin construction of the Thermal Power plant Ugljevik 3.

The planned installed capacity of the new plant is 2 x 300 MW, with a planned annual production of 4,380 GWh, with 7,000 hours per year and with consumption of coal of approximately 4,000,000 tonnes.

The thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 will be among the first modern thermal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will, due to the quality of installed equipment and method of production of electricity, realise high efficiency with minimal environmental impact in accordance with EU directives.

The implementation of TPP Ugljevik 3  construction project will largely contribute to improving the standards and quality of life of the local community, and enable constant economic growth of the Republic of Srpska through revenues in the form of direct and indirect taxes and contributions, and employment as well. 

With the beginning of work on the construction of the Thermal Power Plant Ugljevik 3, new opportunities will be created for local companies, which will be entrusted with the execution of civil, mechanical engineering and other works within which the hiring of thousands of workers is planned .

The company Comsar Energy Republika Srpska has, so far, invested in the project of TPP Ugljevik 3 more than 60 million BAM, while for concession fees, it paid more than 8 million BAM.

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