Decision on determining public interest for the construction of TPP Ugljevik 3 was made

October 9, 2014


In its 77th session, held on 10th September 2014, the Government of the Republic of Srpska issued the Decision on determining public interest for the construction and operation of the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, in the Ugljevik municipality, which marks the fulfilment of all conditions for the beginning of expropriation of the real estate in question.

In November 2013, the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska issued an environmental permit for the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, which prescribes guidelines for the protection of the environment during construction and operation.

For the purposes of supplying coal to the future thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, coal from two locations will be used: from the coal deposits “Ugljevik Istok 2” and coal deposits “Delići”.

The planned annual production is 4,380 GWh from 7,000 hours per year and fuel consumption of approximately 4,000,000 tons of coal. Thermal energy will be generated as a secondary product and it will be used for internal purposes, while ash, slag and gypsum will be obtained as by-products, all of which can be used in industrial production, for example to make cement, plasterboards, etc.

Comsar Energy Republika Srpska is committed that the future thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 will have a minimal impact on the environment, both during construction and during operation. Therefore, as a programme task, the company decided that the thermal power plant will meet the current most stringent European Union regulations on emissions of pollutants, i.e. Directive 75/2010/EC on emissions from industrial facilities. 

Accordingly, the selected technology and equipment is going to ensure that the values of all emissions from the thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 are consistent with European standards and/or local regulations.

One of the main goals Comsar Energy Republika Srpska set is the decision that the whole project is implemented in accordance with the relevant EU standards, which are much stricter than legal norms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In accordance with this, all measurements and analyses were verified twice, by both domestic and foreign renowned companies.

Comsar Energy Republika Srpska will use its own funds to finance resolving property-legal questions on real estate planned for the purpose of building the thermal power plant, construction of access roads and the compensation to current owners of the real estate, in accordance with applicable regulations.

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