Economic Impact

The economic and social impact of the HPP Mrsovo project will influence all the residents of the municipality and the realisation of this project will greatly contribute to the quality, development and prosperity in all areas of life in Rudo and the Republic of Srpska:

  • The economic development of the greater area of the Rudo municipality  
  • Hiring local companies for performing various works and related activities during the construction of the hydroelectric power plant (a direct or indirect engagement of several  hundreds workers is expected) 
  • Increase in the number of employed people by 25 workers of all qualifications during work at full capacity  
  • Increase in budget revenues through taxes and contributions for the local community as well as the wider community of the Republic of Srpska (regular income and dividend taxes, taxes and contributions on net personal income, etc.)  
  • Increased inflow of funds to the RS budget from investments and from one-off payments of concession fees 
  • Increase in gross domestic product through increased personal consumption (employees’ and sub-contractors’ net personal income)  
  • Increase public spending (taxes and contributions) and investments (development of contractors and cogeneration systems)
  • Rational and efficient use of available infrastructure resources such as hydropower potential of the Republic of Srpska and sustainable development with acceptable environmental quality

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