About Thermal Power

In thermal generating plants, such as Ugljevik 3, fuel is converted into thermal energy to heat water, making steam. The steam powers a turbine, creating mechanical energy to run a generator. Magnets turn inside the generator, producing electric energy.

Many large thermal plants use a simple-cycle process to generate electricity. Fuel is burned to heat water to create steam, and much of the heat is vented as hot air or water vapour. While these conventional thermal plants use less fuel than plants in the past to generate the same amount of power, they still lose energy in the form of exhaust heat or steam. Some thermal plants have been converted from simple cycle to combined-cycle generation, a form of more advanced thermal technology. These plants capture waste heat from exhaust gases to produce more electricity and to use fuel more efficiently.

Gas-fired combined cycle plants have a heat conversion efficiency of about 60%, compared to 35% for conventional simple-cycle plants.

Cogeneration is another important innovative thermal technology, which is increasing in use. Cogeneration plants produce electricity and usable heat or steam from a single fuel source such as natural gas. A cogeneration plant captures heat that would be otherwise wasted to provide heat or steam to a building or facility. 

Currently we are involved in the following TPP Projects:


Comsar Energy Republic Srpska began the construction of TPP UGLJEVIK 3 having total power output of 2 x 300MW. The contract on the TPP construction has been signed with the Chinese company CPECC at the beginning of 2013. Since the construction deadline is 30 months, the new facility is expected to be connected to the power system by the year 2019.

General facts about the TPP UGLJEVIK 3:

Location: Ugljevik Municipality, The Republic of Srpska, BIH
Installed capacity: 600 MW (2x300MW)
Output: 4,38 TWh
Fuel: Lignite from open cast mines situated in Delići, Peljave-Tobut and Baljak
Technology: circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology
Investment: 800 million EUR (together with coal mine)
No. of workers: 800 employees

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