In addition to running the Ugljevik 3 construction project, Comsar is also committed to enhancing the quality of lives, the development of the region, and standards of living across the board for the City of Ugljevik and for the Republic of Srpska.

Ugljevik 3 will:

  • Deliver evenly-paced economic development of the Republic of Srpska
  • Spur economic development of the City of Ugljevik and beyond
  • Create 800 new job openings
  • Open up opportunities for local enterprises entrusted with various works and accompanying activities (employing many thousand workers)
  • Attract new foreign investors into the region
  • Increase the balance of trade thanks to electricity exports
  • Increase financial inflow into the budget of the Republic of Srpska due to investments and single-concession fee payments
  • Have a positive impact through direct and indirect revenues in the form of taxes and contributions
  • Generate income for the region through the payment of fixed concession fees, to be established after completion and amounting to 2.5 - 3.6% of the revenue coming from power production.

In addition, the Republic of Srpska will benefit targeted from the development of the power sector, in terms of: 

  • The capability to respond to the requirements set under the domestic and EU regulations and to fulfill the obligations set under the South East Europe Energy Community Agreement
  • The increased liberalization of the power market and its integration into the European power supply system.



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