Several projects involving exploration, geological studies and production of brown coal and lignite from the open cast mines situated in the Republic of Srpska are currently underway. We have activities in the Delići, Peljave-Tobut and Baljak areas, where we are moving two million m3 of earth in preparation for the construction of our coal depot.

With the application of our research, efficient systems, and responsible use of technology, Comsar Energy will generate an annual production of 3.5 million tonnes of coal per year. The Ugljevik basin covers 56km2 of land mass and has an estimated reserve of 353 million tons.

Comsar Energy has researched more than 30 000 linear meters, which is the largest mining exploration for the past 30 years in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

Coal depot
Additonally, near to the future power plant, Ugljevik 3, Comsar Energy is performing works for preparing a plateau for constructing a coal depot, which require a lot of work to remove, arrange and deposit more than two million cubic meters of earth.

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