Mining Technology

Successful mining is as much about managing and monitoring systems and practices, as it is about the physical technology. We continually seek to optimize our processes and bring together the best in manpower and machinery.

Comsar Energy uses mining machinery which includes hydraulic shovels and a number of auxiliary machines such as bulldozers, graders and loaders. Typically, mining of coal and tailing is done by industry-standard, large capacity hydraulic shovels (15 to 18m3). Transport of tailing from the open pit to the landfill is handled by trucks which can carry approx 140 tonnes. 

Transport of coal from the crushing plant in the open pit to the coal depot at TPP Ugljevik will be handled using pipe conveyors. Pipe conveyors have been chosen due to their high performance and efficiency, and ability to negotiate both horizontal and vertical curves with little resistance. Additionally, there are advantages from an environmental point of view – they do not generate dust, cause very little noise, and do not spill the material from belts.

Monitoring performance

Using modern information management systems will ensure automatic monitoring of mining and production activities, as well as detailed reporting performance and conditions of our infrastructure. 

Today's economic conditions demand timely decision-making and effective planning, monitoring and management of all processes in the mining of mineral resources. Our systems will provide reliable and efficient support to optimize operation and management of equipment and production activities.

The information management system will include the following: 
•    Automatic dispatching of trucks 
•    Automatic monitoring of production and halts for the equipment 
•    Reporting on operation parameters for each machine 
•    Reporting on occupational injuries and ecology 
•    Reporting on the condition of the machines

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