Quality Control

During the development of our mining and thermal power plant projects, special consideration will be given to the introduction of a coal quality management system.

A series of technical evaluations and analyses will be carried out to establish the best technologies and dynamics of coal mining in the open pit, sizing of the depot for coal quality management, choice of equipment and depositing technology, and choice of equipment for on-line coal quality control. Continuous coal quality control will be put in place within the open pit and also at the depot for homogenization near the thermal power plant.

This type of control system involves several stages integrated in a single system, including:

  • operational planning (in shifts and weekly)
  • a model of coal depositing at the depot and taking coal from the depot 
  • quality control of the coal delivered to the thermal power plant 
  • a reporting model for all quality and quantity parameters of the coal delivered to the thermal power plant

The positive effects of coal quality management are reflected in the following: 

  • increasing energy efficiency
  • reducing emissions of harmful gases SO2, NO2 and CO2
  • reducing emissions of dust particles in the working environment, 
  • eliminating gases formed  by spontaneous combustion of coal in the depot, 
  • eliminating fires caused by spontaneous combustion of coal, 
  • preserving coal - a natural, non-renewable resource, 
  • standardizing the level of coal quality, 
  • improved combustion and boiler efficiency, 
  • less damage to the equipment, 
  • increasing the level of availability during work, 
  • lower consumption of coal, 
  • Reducing the level of individual breakdown coefficients

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