Smart Grids

To deliver future supplies of cleaner, more cost-effective energy, the major component is the grid. And Comsar is at the forefront of research into making the whole electricity delivery system smarter.

'Smart grids' refer to electricity, gas and thermal grids that are able to: 

•    cope with steadily growing distributed power generation, e.g. from wind, sun or biogas
•    deliver it to customers efficiently
•    and meet demands for individual energy supplies – in terms of both time and quantity. 

A smart grid provides an efficient distribution system using digital technology, eliminating waste and improving reliability. Therefore, a smart grid must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, high supply quality as well as energy and cost efficiency. Smart grids are the precondition for other innovative services like smart meters, smart homes, e-energy or even virtual power plants.


Smart grid is a modernized electrical grid, based on the physical grid, which includes a variety of power generation equipment, transmission and distribution networks, electrical equipment and energy storage equipment. It is a highly integrated network combining the physical grid with modern advanced sensor measurement technology, network technology, communication technology, computing technology, automation and intelligent control technology.

Real-time, secure and flexible information flow means Smart Grid has the potential to monitor the power status of all devices, control those devices, and adapt to the needs of power market. This level of systems integration and optimal balance among generation, transmission, and distribution will have benefits in power consumption and be compatible with various forms of power generation and storage(including new energy).

Operating system

Automation enables monitoring and control of all network nodes and users to ensure the two-way flow of information and electrical energy from power plant to all the nodes during transmission and distribution. Precision power supply, complementary power supply, high coefficient of utilization of energy, high power quality, security of power supply, and cost-saving electricity mean the system will be more clean, efficient, safe, and reliable.

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