TPP Ugljevik

Comsar Energy Republika Srpska has begun the construction of Ugljevik 3 Thermal Power Plant.
The plant will have a total power of 2x300 MW when it becomes operational in 2019.

TPP Ugljevik 3 will be powered by brown coal from the new surface mines situated in Delići, Peljave-Tobut and Baljak in the Ugljevik Municipality, built simultaneously alongside the plant.

The TPP Ugljevik 3 project is based on a modern and effective coal combustion technology and will fully meet all the requirements laid down under the EU Directives applicable to environmental protection.

Uniquely, the plant will be characterised by:

  • Installed power projection of 2x300MW
  • Its base power plant design, which can operate 7.300 hours a year
  • Two blocks, each containing a boiler, a turbine and a generator, as well as a common 210m-high chimney and all other necessary supporting systems and facilities
  • Steam boilers with sub-critical parameters and featuring a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology
  • Highly efficient, two-stage, limestone-based sulphur recovery which will take place within the boiler and the desulphurization unit (FGD)
  • The application of a direct air-cooling condenser (ACC) system which will minimize the plant’s fresh water needs
  • Full wastewater treatment and re-use within the plant’s systems rather than discharged into local water courses
  • Coal, limestone, slag and ash transported through closed conveyor belts to prevent environmental pollution arising from waste disposal and the use of vehicles
  • The connection of Ugljevik 3 to the power supply system through the existing switchyard of the 400/110 kV Ugljevik Substation. Analysis of the maximum load performance during the winter period showed no technical limitations (imposed either by the voltage or by the flow of currents) arising TPP Ugljevik operations.

TPP Ugljevik


Near the future thermal power plant a campus has been built, designed to accommodate workers during the construction of plant, and later to provide accommodation for plant employees' living and work activities. The total area of the campus is more than 3,000m2.

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